About Us

Welcome to Australian Driver Magazine, the magazine dedicated to local, national and international motor sport, vehicle related events, motoring issues, car reviews, road tests and product reviews. When you sign up to the e-magazine you will be sent a  link to the latest issue of Australian Driver Magazine on a bi-monthly occurrence.

On this site the calendar is up to date with the all kinds of events in Australia. Check out all the interesting photos from events in the Image Gallery and get ready to read all the interesting news from grass level racing through to the latest automotive news.

The beginning of 2013 has been very busy for the team. As the team grows and travels to all sorts of places, the news comes in thick and fast. More car reviews have been coming and we are working at improving our bike coverage. Motor sport is still high on the agenda and will never be missed in the magazine.

As an independent site we offer clear views and all the information needed when you are looking at buying a new or used car or motorcycle. Along with car and bike reviews we will test some of the lasted products on the market.

Motor sport has a soft spot with ADM and we are always hitting the local events to cover you as a driver and the events you attend. Local motor sport is where heroes are born and we want to meet you and help your career grow along with promoting lesser known events. Along with local and state events ADM will cover a number of international races of interest.

Be sure to send us an email with any information and events and if you don’t like something we have posted let us know.